Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star….

A love of learning is a trait most parents wish to instill in their children. How do we do that? How do we create a foundation that they can build on as they grow? Personally, I think it’s sharing just a little bit with your child everyday. All of the little moments spent reading a favorite story, dancing, singing, taking a walk around the neighborhood to listen the birds chirping, add up to a lifetime of memories. To help us on our journey to be lifetime learners, we are using a pre-packaged monthly curriculum from   Each month the children go an adventure exploring a new theme while learning, shapes, colors, numbers, letters, sight words, etc….

This month our theme is, “BLAST OFF TO SPACE”. ” Children will pretend to be astronauts and fly off in a homemade rocket ship. They will count the stars, create constellations and explore rock and gaseous planets. Children will make their own stargazersas they play with light and look up into the sky during this incredible space adventure. – See more at:”

Today we started our adventure into space. What do we see in the sky at night? I asked the children what are stars made of? Their answers – Rocks, sharp pokey things, the sun, light bulbs…. I explained stars are balls of gas which led to fits of giggles. Don’t say the word gas in a preschool classroom of mostly boys.

We are also exploring the monthly add-on, Dance’n Beats which will help the children learn 21 movements that increase muscle control and encourage physical fitness.


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