Raising Teenagers is terrifying.

You know what no one ever tells you about being a parent? A lot of the time it’s downright terrifying. I have 4 children, Paige is 19. Shane is 10, Kylie is 6, and our little guy, Brody is 17 months. When my oldest was a baby, I remember telling people I can’t wait until she’s older so I don’t have to worry so much.

Have you ever seen Terms of Endearment? Shirley McLaine’s character Aurora is a worried mom who checks on her baby every few minutes at night because she’s imagining crib death, until she wakes the baby. The baby starts screaming and Aurora says, “That’s better”. That was and is me.

No one told me there would be so much to worry about and the older they get the worse it gets. When they are little you can control their environment. Where they sleep, who holds them, what they eat, who they play with, where they go, are all up to you.

The older they get the more independent they are. It’s so much harder to keep them safe.All I want is to protect them from all the dangers of the world. I guess the secret is to just do the best you can and trust your instincts.

I worry just as much (probably more) about my 19 year old than I do about the baby. She is a really smart, beautiful girl. Sometimes she doesn’t make the best choices and most of those times it has something to do with a boy. I used to joke that she could date after she was married, when she was 35. I wish I could have made that a reality.

Life was so much simpler when I had final say in who she spent her time with. It’s so hard to see a confident, smart, young woman doubt herself, demean herself, and question herself because of a boy. As her mother I can’t say anything, because I don’t understand that he loves her.

I hope he understands that her Dad & I Love her more than words can say. We’ve dedicated our lives to building her up and I’ll be damned if I let some punk tear her down.


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