Now We’re Cookin’ With Gas!

As a mother of four, I won’t pass up a chance to get out of the house by myself. It’s a rare moment that I can pee with the door closed, let alone leave the house without someone clinging to my leg begging to go with. So when I was invited to a baby shower for a friend of my husbands I didn’t think twice. Sure I wouldn’t know a soul there, but no kids, lunch & drinks- I’m in. Heck, I’ve been known to hide in my bedroom closet just to get 5 minutes to myself.

My husband is good at many things. Cooking, cleaning, & taking care of kids aren’t any of those things. I knew I’d be gone past dinner time.  You’d think a grown man who is the father of four wouldn’t need to be reminded to feed his children, but he does. I have come home before to the kids telling me dad made popcorn. And that was what they ate ALL day. I left him instructions to make a frozen pizza for dinner. Seems easy enough right?

Two hours after I left the house I start getting texts and calls.

4:30 p.m. “Does the oven work?”

4:35 p.m. Um, yes. Why?

4:37 p.m. “I can’t get it to turn on.”

4:38 p.m. “Does the gas work?”

I’m getting a nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach at this point. The oven worked fine this morning. What in the world could he possibly be doing.

4:40 p.m “Push the knob and turn it to the temperature on the pizza box.”

4:50 My oldest daughter calls. “Dad has out his tools. He’s hammering on the oven.”  He’s doing what, I say?  “He has out his tool box. He took the knob off and he’s trying to fix the oven.”

At this point I tell him just order a pizza or make peanut butter sandwiches. “Geez, Why can’t I leave the house without all hell breaking loose.” Now my husband is obviously angry & snapping at me, “the oven is obviously broken.” It’s not, but whatever!

Fifteen minutes later my phone rings again. My daughter, “Do we have any carpet cleaner”? What happened now, I said? “The dogs ran in from outside with mud on their paws. They ran all over the carpet in the family room. Dad is freaking out.”  I know I don’t have any carpet cleaner so I tell her I’ll pick some up on the way home. It’s just mud, I think. It will be easier to get up when it’s drier anyway. “Too late”, she says. I’m afraid to even know what that means.

I walk in the door to complete & utter chaos. There are tools all over the kitchen counter. The knob for the stove is broken in half. I walk over, push the metal part the knob fits over in and turn on the oven. Gee, it works. Shockingly, my husband didn’t realize that you have to push in the knob while you turn it. Seems pretty basic for a guy with a college degree, but I guess not. Then I turn around to see my carpet. Holy crap!! He bleached it! Yep that’s right. Plain old soap- nope, water- nope, he went straight for the hard stuff. Who in the name of all that is holy bleaches the carpet?? My darling husband that’s who.

That was a rough day. It’s one of the many reasons I’m so happy I found Now not only do I always know what I’m making for dinner. I can make it ahead of time so my husband can reheat it in the microwave – not the oven. E-mealz gives you a week of quick and easy recipes with a shopping list that can be tailored to your diet or even the stores you shop at.

As far as getting some “me” time, I’ll be hiding in my closet if you need me.

eMeals - Easy Meals for Busy People!


2 thoughts on “Now We’re Cookin’ With Gas!

  1. At least. I did get wood floors in the family room out of it too. I wanted those for a long time. Had I known that’s what it would take to get them I’d have let my husband dump bleach on the carpet long ago.

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