My life as June Cleaver- or not.

As I was scrapping the peanut butter off the wheels of my sons Cozy Coupe  police car this morning I was remembering back to what I thought it would be like to be a stay-at-home mom.

When I made the choice to be a stay-at-home mommy I thought life would be so easy.  As I sat in Chicago’s notorious rush hour traffic fighting to make my way home after a long day at work, I daydreamed about what life would be like once I was at home all day.  I would be June Cleaver.  Blissfully sending my children off to school with homemade lunches, notes tucked inside after preparing an amazing breakfast of Star wars themed pancakes, fresh-picked berries, & freshly squeezed juice. The little ones & I would spend our days at the park, having picnics before returning for naps. I would quickly clean my spotless house and then prepare a hearty meal for my family to enjoy.

Hahaha, was I wrong.  I quickly learned that staying at home was much more work than I thought  it would be. Since I was at home everyone had something for me to do- for them- since, you know- I’m at home, with nothing to do. Doctors appointments, fundraisers, room mom, team mom, cub scout mom,  cheer mom, shopping, internet detective, chauffeur….  Not only is there something to do every waking minute of the day there are children in my house all day, messy children.

The dream I had of this spotless home quickly vanished. Within the first month I realized that since we were at the house all day, we were making a mess all day. Playing, baking, breakfast, lunches, laundry, dogs out, dogs in, kids out, kids in. Grass, mud, bugs in & out of the house all day long. My reality is frozen waffles, hoping I remembered to buy milk, & the local pizza place on speed dial.

I wouldn’t trade any of it though. There are some days that I tell my husband, Jim, that I would happily trade with him and go to work everyday. I wouldn’t though. I like my messy, chaotic life.


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